Easy Ways To Facilitate Science

Of food so that I can feed the fire slime so worried that they’re going to run out of and then we’re in some trouble and then for everybody else you know as longs I make sure to give them a little bit of attention here and there they tend Tobe okay alright good they’re here Thomas just in case I know you get hungry from time to time I just fed him but you know he’s Thomas look at that it’s still not even full okay I’m going to quickly putdown my refinery link just so I can send these fire floors along the way so.

I was looking at the master drill and the master Science pump that we unlocked last time and what they seem to require a lot of is quantum and mosaic ports so they’re totally fine we can totally are not quantum dervish and so I assumed that the apiary is going to require a lot of tangle ports so that’s something so Thomas you silly goose I’m assuming that’s something that we can accommodate once we have them unlocked.

so one thing that I did want to do and this is why we’re not out on the range yet is I’m going to get rid of this silo I don’t need it we don’t need this variety of food I’ve been holding on to it for a very longtime just simply because like it was something that I was building up beforehand for those of y’all who joined with the glass desert series you probably never even saw this silo I like to have silos around specifically for the purpose of having extra food when you store up extra like whenever you have the bonus stuff and just never wasn’t really an issue before but now Could use this space for something little.